We’re a team of passionate, creative professionals
rethinking the building from the ground up.

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It starts with solar

Our solar installations are the first step in revolutionizing the built environment. We have an entirely new take on solar, driven by a deep understanding of architecture and a disruptive vision for the future. We’ve designed solutions for new constructions as well as retrofits, both of which provide numerous advantages compared to existing installations such as improved waterproofing, higher efficiencies, and enhanced aesthetics.

Don’t take our word for it

We’ve partnered with the Santa Clara University to help build this year’s entry to the Solar Decathlon project, a bi-annual competition meant to push the boundaries of solar design. Check out this video in which we debut Sunplanter’s innovative solar skin.

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Our Mission

Innovation happens when someone sees a bottleneck to progress, and decides to break the bottle rather than widen its opening. Buildings are stuck in the past, and we are working to get them up to speed by rethinking how they are built and what they do. We’re starting with an innovative solar technology to begin this transformation, and aim to start a revolution. We hope you’ll join us.